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Diaper Industry: Adult Baby Two Markets Go Hand In Hand
Jul 26, 2016

Diaper industry: adult baby two markets go hand in hand

Demographic changes spawned a huge market potential, the two adult baby market pavilions. With the implementation of the arrival of the fourth baby boom and a separate two-child policy to the baby diaper market has brought huge business opportunities. In recent years, baby diapers permeability increased significantly, the potential market size of nearly $ 50 billion. At the same time, the extent of our growing aging population, 60 years of age or older population is growing at an annual rate of around 7 million increase. Currently, adult diapers penetration is far behind the level of developed countries. With the enhancement of national consumption ability, speed up transformation of older consumers as well as the concept of the aging process, our adult incontinence products at low penetration and high-speed growth in the context of purchasing power will usher in the development spurt.


Parenting concept of change, intense competition in the market of baby diapers. With the change of China's per capita purchasing power increase parental and consumer attitudes, baby diaper market has maintained rapid growth momentum. The next five years, the domestic baby diaper market will maintain double-digit growth. Currently diapers sold nearly 200 million, about more than 600 factories, more than 2000 pieces diaper production line, more than 1,200 brands compete in this market. China diaper market is highly concentrated, the top ten brands accounted for 85% of sales of imported baby diapers diapers have occupied half of the market. The small and medium firms to compete in the low-end market in the increasingly intense, survival is not optimistic.


Aging growing, adult diapers is still staking stage. With the changing structure of the domestic population aging, adult incontinence products began to be more and more consumer awareness in recent years, China adult incontinence market growth has exceeded baby diapers, the industry has entered a rapid growth stage. At present, the domestic market is still in the adult incontinence products staking phase, yet intensive, if well-known regional brands through research and development, sales into the first to seize market share, will have the first opportunity to become the sunrise industry leader.