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New Mother Learn How To Use Disposable Diaper
Jul 14, 2016

For baby's health, how to Wear Diapers? <strong> E-mail:</strong> <a href=""></a>

Diaper's selection and dressed,should focus on the waist tightness, waist elastic as to be vertically and put two fingers is appropriate, groin tightness level to be able to put a finger as well.

Healthy skin should be dry. Wet skin will soon become fragile, easily lead to diaper rash. In order to minimize the resulting wet diapers, diapers should be changed frequently, and use a good absorbent diapers. If you use conventional diapers, it should be even more frequent inspection and replacement diapers.

Vaseline, zinc oxide diaper rash ointment or cream to help protect the skin against the effects of moisture. Can be coated before changing some diapers on baby's bottom. Talcum powder has a similar effect, but once it is wet there is no any effect, too thick it will dent the baby's skin, can also be easily inhaled baby's nose, it is important to note.

When change diapers?

Frequently changes the diapers newborn needs, regardless of whether the baby pee, every 2-3 hours should be for a time. As your baby farewell neonatal period, enter infancy, diapers a day will gradually reduce the number of replacement, beginning on average ten times a day, gradually reduced to six. If the baby has a pull-on diaper urine, should be replaced immediately, and wash with warm water and cotton baby buttocks, do not rub lightly wipes trouble. After cleaning, we have to wait a little ass completely dry, talcum powder and then get a new point marked diapers.

Be careful not to over-age use of diapers, diapers or baby will suffer from addiction, not the pee diapers is not good, cause urethritis or injury, will also affect the baby's walking posture. The best time disabled baby diapers should be about 2 years old, the best time is the summer, because suddenly disabled in the winter, after the child wet the bed wet lying, vulnerable to cold.

These signals that prompt you to change the diapers of the baby:

◎ before and after each feeding

◎ after each bowel movement

◎ Before the baby to sleep

◎ When the baby wakes up

◎ Before baby go out

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