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China International Exhibition Welcome Baby diaper Products
Jul 24, 2016

China International Exhibition Welcome Baby diaper Products

China International Baby Products Fair (abbreviation: Chinese baby show) is 

China's only international baby supplies professional trading platform designed 

to help home and stroller, child safety seats, cribs and baby furniture, children's 

shoes, wash nursing supplies, and other baby supplies manufacturers and brands to open 

up the domestic and foreign markets, the promotion of global marketing network layout 

to improve, enhance brand awareness and influence.

Show unique advantages

· 20 countries and regions gathered exhibitors docking platform of choice for international 


Chinese baby show attracts more than 20 countries and regions, nearly 500 international 

brands to actively participate in the United States Pavilion, Germany Pavilion, Canada 

Pavilion, Korea Pavilion, Australia Pavilion, China Taiwan and Hong Kong Pavilion Pavilion 

collective beachhead, the number of international brands grew by 30%, leveraging China baby 

show Looking provincial and municipal agencies, China shared the second child of the New Deal 


· 20 industrial base absent without purchasing a diversified product best channel

In addition to leading enterprises at home and abroad to attract foreign athletics, 

compared with the domestic similar exhibition, another Chinese baby show notable feature 

is the most comprehensive industrial base, direct manufacturers exhibiting the highest 

proportion of the annual gathering in Dongguan, Pinghu, Pingxiang, Shucheng, Chinese Sichuan, 

Kunshan, Ningbo, Zhongshan, Cixi, nearly 20 main producing areas featured companies, 

product range, price and diverse styles to meet the different regions of different nature 

buyers individual needs.

· Turning Up Car Seat brand, feeding supplies to expand the visibility of the most successful

 high-quality supply only bridge

Chinese baby show while maintaining the international character of deep professional services,

 launched the "carts Museum", "Seat Museum," "furniture shop", "Products Pavilion", stroller, 

car seat, crib and other categories continue to maintain the largest, most brands of records, 

and bottle nipples and other feeding supplies is strong convergence of quality, high-profile 

brand showcase, providing a unique quality product for the domestic and overseas buyers.

Kids, personal care, food and other new class for the first time launch integration, provide 

more business opportunities

Chinese baby show and China Toy Expo, Shanghai Brand Licensing Show three show the same stage 

for the first time focused on the introduction of children's clothing, personal care and food, 

milk powder partner, show great wealth category for overseas buyers, especially the baby shower 

etc. to create a rare one-stop shopping channel.

· Ahead of your competitors, to advance understanding of new trends in the global baby products

Great to see the trend: "World Trends in China -2017 global innovation products" introduced 

the same period, the world's leading manufacturers of new closed top show, Hosted Buyers will 

learn step ahead of trends; Chinese toys and baby products industry a "Star" contest , creative 

design competitions Gold works exclusive live show, make sure that you grasp the new trend;

A sense of quality benchmark: Association of attention to product quality, to promote 

convergence with the world, the first implementation of "infant feeding bottles safety 

requirements", "infant tableware safety requirements," Enterprise Alliance standards of 

corporate and brand, and car seat manufacturers to obtain certification 3C collective scene, 

security channels and retailers operating safety, and promote the healthy development of the 


Touch the pulse of the new industry: Chinese toys and baby products industry conferences held 

over the same period, global trade summit brought together government officials, brands,

 distributors and retailers and other industry elite, with the release of authoritative 

industry report and discuss hot topics and themes speech, enhance your business horizons,

 promote innovative thinking, help the development of the industry to grasp the new course。