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Global Trends In China 2018
Sep 15, 2017

Global Trends in China 2018

baby diapers supplier.jpgObjectives

Assisting international brands and agents who are planning to enter or have entered the China market by providing a platform for them:

1.     To gather feedback from mainstream distributors and retailers before launching new products in China for 2018.
2.     To understand the extent of market acceptance of their new products, and reduce risk.
3.     To increase the awareness of the public for the products shortly before the start of sale.

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China Toy & Juvenile Products Association (CTJPA)

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About the Showcase

1.     A dedicated featured zone Trends Corner will be established at the China Kids Expo and China Toy Expo from Oct. 18 to Oct. 20 to display the products. The top professional buyers and media will be invited to visit and vote for the products which they think represent the trends. Photography and video recording will also be strictly prohibited.

2.     On Oct 18, two to three products representative of upcoming trends will be announced during the China Toy & Juvenile Products Industry Gala Dinner.

3.     From Oct.21 to Oct. 22 when the Kids Fun Expo is held, the featured zone will be open to over 60,000 consumers with their kids. And the consumers will also be invited to vote for their favorite products.  

4.     In January 2018, the shortlisted products will be launched together for the start of sale on JD.COM platform.

Application Requirements

1. Applicants

a) Companies dealing in the production and selling of toys and kids goods business.

b) The applicant shall have legal ownership and related rights (such as patented technology and trademark) on the submitted products. Should the applicant violate other’s intellectual property rights or be involved in disputes on intellectual property rights of the submitted products with others, the organizer is entitled to consider such applicant as disqualified. Any legal liability arising from violation of intellectual property rights of the submitted products shall be borne by such applicant.

2. Product Criteria

    a) Products launching or planning to be launched in 2018.

    b) Product innovation in one or more of the following areas: creativity, appearance, functionality, production technique, materials used.
3. Application Procedures

Applicants are required to submit the following application materials by email:
✔ Filled Application Form (see Appendix 1) with signature
✔ Enterprise Statement (see Appendix 2) with signature of legal representative;
✔ Brand logo of the submitted product, one vector graphic and one JPG;
✔  Advertising video for the submitted product (no longer than 2 minutes);
✔ Four photos of the product, including one with plan view, one with front view, one with lateral view and one with top view, where it had better display the product in working state; resolution no less than 300dpi and length to width ratio no less than 5:3.
4. Products Delivery 

   The applicant companies confirmed by the organizer must deliver the shortlisted products to the showcase area on the morning of Oct 17 and be responsible for the necessary product assembly.
Event Schedule

1.      Application duration: Aug. 10 – Sep. 10

2.      Product verification: Sep. 11 – Sep.15

3.      Verified products announced online: Sep. 18 - Sep.22

4.      EDM to professional buyers: Oct. 9 - Oct.13

5.      Evaluated and voted by professional buyers: Oct 18 - 20

6.      Promotion of final selected trend representing products: Oct 18, during the annual industry gala night

7.      Voted by consumers at Kids Fun Expo: Oct. 21- Oct.22

8.      Publishing voting results and promoting the trend products with most votes : Nov.1-Nov.7

9.      Shortlisted products launch together at JD.COM platform for start of sale: Jan. 2018

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